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GFA™ (Governmental Fund Accounting) is one of Software & Services’ newest addition to our line of state and local government products. We are excited to be able to continue to provide the highest quality products aimed at increasing efficiency, simplifying processes and reducing costs, while maintaining our commitment to ensuring that our clients receive superior customer service in a long-lasting relationship.

GFA™ is a full suite of accounting and payroll modules that will meet all the needs of an ever changing governmental office and is integrated with Microsoft Excel and scanning throughout. With our Windows® – based financial package you will be able to accomplish all of your office’s accounting tasks more efficiently and your office will be in complete compliance with all requirements and regulations including the ability to provide all necessary reports and a complete audit log of all activity.



  • Customizable check format
  • Robust search capability
  • Encrypted Social Security Number
  • Full pay history by employee
  • Full visibility of entire payroll process
  • Easy to use Payroll Control Center for creating, editing, printing, and posting checks
  • All elements of check available for edit prior to printing
  • Flexible dockage handling with carry-over before check created
  • Easy, flexible leave accrual
  • Integrated with scanning for paperless personnel file
  • Ability to upload attachments


  • Unlimited number of funds.
  • Ability to set up recurring journals
  • Utilizes Master Fund Functionality
  • Can import financial data and create journals from other stand alone applications
  • Scanning capabilities allow linking supporting documentation to a journal
  • Quickly find the entries using our vast searching capabilities
  • Drill down capabilities link journals to the check, invoice or deposit that it is created from
  • Easily reverse journals and create correcting entries automatically
  • View month and prior year analysis for selected account



  • Easy entry of budget revisions audit
  • Base budget figures on year-to-date actual revenues and expenses or by percentages of the current actual or current budget
  • Utilizes same chart of accounts as the General Ledger module
  • Supports the use of private notes and general comments for each account
  • Complies with state report requirements that includes the percentage change, the beginning and estimated ending fund balance totals, and revision/adjustment amounts
  • Easily export budget figures to Microsoft Excel
  • View actual and budgeted figures for prior years for use during budget analysis



  • Allows easy entry of receipts and seamlessly creates G/L journals
  • Facilitates use of multiple bank accounts.
  • Utilizes optional batch processing
  • Integrated scanning capabilities to view checks in a deposit
  • Robust searching capability to view historical Cash Receipt Registers and Deposit Slips
  • Easily reverse deposits to create corresponding General Ledger entries and if needed, a correcting deposit


  • Customizable requisition/purchase order approval process
  • Create purchase orders from multiple requisitions
  • Default “ship to” address for PO items
  • Ability to apportion each line item to multiple G/L accounts
  • Integrated scanning capabilities to view backup documentation for requests and other purchasing information
  • Search history of Requisitions or Purchase Orders to view scanned images, encumbrance information, and invoice/payment information, if any
  • Searching by PO or Requisition number, type, date issued, amount, and purpose
  • Integrates with email application to send notification emails to parties involved in requisition or PO
  • Customizable print format for Purchase Orders or Requisitions



  • Simple invoice entry and vendor setup
  • Full check history and invoice research
  • Robust drill down feature that allows you to see invoice details and G/L posting information at the click of a button
  • Convenient and easy to use check processing capabilities
  • Recurring invoice templates
  • Documents associated with an invoice can be scanned for a permanent record
  • Customizable check format
  • Integrated 1099 Processing System to handle the required yearly processing
  • Ability to import transactions from other stand-alone systems to process appropriate 1099’s


  • Ability to import bank statements from digital format
  • View previously reconciled bank statements
  • Supports multiple bank accounts
  • Automatically mark checks and deposits as having cleared
  • Ability to save as a draft before the statement is reconciled to the G/L
  • Easily clear checks by inputting the check number, checking the appropriate box, or by clearing a range of numbers from the statement
  • Scan bank statement for historical reference after the statement has been reconciled
  • Reconciliation section to handle adjustments for the reconciliation process


  • Customizable report manager
  • Ability to print all standard financial reports, including the Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance, and Revenue & Expense Report
  • Run reports for single fund or selected funds with the ability to run report by account number range for the current or prior periods
  • System security dictates what reports a user can generate


  • Full detailed auditing of all GFA™ components